Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sarpa Kavu from Kerala

Its a good news from Kerala Government to protect the bio diversity of 'sarpa kavu' or sacred grove. Its a rich heritage and a link to the mother earth. In Kerala most of the families have their own 'Kavu'.
I had gone to many 'kavu' for poojas but didn't took any photos. But it was a thick greenery with rare medicinal plants. My father's ancestoral home had a kavu. After its renovation its greenery is not there instead of the green house they are planning to build a small temple for naga raja. Most of the families are taking the dieties to 'Mannara shala temple', 'Ameda temple' or 'Pambummekkattu temple' to escape from the fear of 'Sarpa dosham'. Its a serpant adobe of every home. This will be a little forest itself. There will be poojas only in certain days of an year.
Some homes had two or three kavu.
Mythology behind the kavu has strong connection with the birth of Kerala. According to hindu culture we believe that Parasurama had created Kerala from sea. Then it was a place with thick forest which contains poisonous snakes. Parasurama presented the land to Brahmins to live. They made these groves to worship these snakes.

Image of Sarpa kavu

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