Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waiting for another vishu...

Vishu kani was prepared by me. Before the 'Kani vekka' we have to clean all the items in the pooja room. All the photos, vessels and books have to be cleaned.
The first thing in the kani is the 'Ottu uruli' this is from my mother in law. This is open mouthed circular vessel made of bell metal. Its large size is used in sadya and known as 'Varpu'. Then we place some 'Unakkalari' in the uruli. Then a kanivellari, coconut, fruits and all vegetables. In another brass plate we have to arrange a kasavu pudava, a mirror, kunkum cheppu, kanmazhi, nellu and some coins( if we have aranmula kannadi it can be used). We have to place a bit of gold and silver in kani. We can use flowers kanikkonna is a must. We have to place bhagawatha and Ramayana which also a part of Kani. All this must be placed in front of Krishna and we can lit as many lamps. All this form a golden hue to the kani.

Every celebration has a chain of memory associated with it. When I think of Vishu its my mother's. Cleaning the house, preparing the vishu kani and giving Kaineettam. After the marriage I had learnt how to make a vishu kani. I will be the first one to see the kani. I really enjoy the amazing little eyes and the innocent questions about vishu. But I know the time is passing and the characters will change but there will be still krishna, konnappoo, uruli and every auspicious objects waiting for their turn.....

Our family friend from Thrissur side had given me 'Vishu katta' a special preparation for Vishu.

Recipe of Vishu katta from Curry World.

Kerala has a lot of traditional events. When I started blogging I became curious to collect images of some of events and to study the mythology behind them. I am listing some of the events from my previous posts...I think it may be useful to you...
Images of Ochira Kalakettu

Images and story of Neelam peroor Pooram Padayani

Thai pooya kavadiyattam from Perunna

Garudan thookkam from Thalayola parambu

Thrithayambaka from Mattannur Shankaran Kutty

Athachamayam from Thripunithura

Chambakkara vallm kali

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