Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sprouts of Vanpayar(Red cow peas), it can be eaten as raw or we can make dish called thoran with coconut and chilly
How to make new salads....The only one I am familiar with is the basic salad with tomatoes, onion, ginger, green chilly spiced up with thick curd and salt. Tuesday is 'salad day' for my little ones. Yesterday I had tried my attempt with green gram sprouts. The first task was to convince them about its benefits.
Sprouts have more benefits...They are easy to digest, Sprouts which can be made at home is inexpensive, Vitamins content increases, It increases our immunity, fight against cancers and many more. I had gone through many sites when searched for the preparations with sprouts. I had listed some of them which will be useful to my readers...
Sprouts salad from Veggie platter
Watch this link with recipe for green gram sprouts with carrot salad
Kids doesn't appreciate the taste of green gram, this salad from Sulekha is a mix of sprouts and fruits..Watch it
Sprouts in sandwich...
Sprouts with Vegetables

How to make green gram sprouts

Sprouts with Spinach

Curry with sprouts

An informative post on sprouts from Mahanadi
Green Idlis!!!!

Salad Recipes from The Hindu

More sprouts Recipes from Mahanadi


susan manoj, artude.com said...

Good post. I too will try it for my kids. Thanks.....

AswathiBabu said...

please post yr easy snacks in yr blog or start another blog for it...

Raj_Druid said...

Hello.. it was really wonderful reading your blog.. for an NRI like me, I had no idea about the wonderful plants in our Keralam... I saw all these plants but never knew their names.. your blog is a very good reference for me.. please keep up the good work... :)


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