Monday, July 19, 2010

Today I surely want to share my experiences of Art living Part I course held at TocH auditorium in last week.

In this world of stress we have to do something like this to remove the toxins accumulated in our body. We have to repair ourselves and rejuvanate each cell of our body to have a good start. It was very nice I can not explain my experiences through these words. Beyond all the breathing exercises, warm ups and other sessions I like the laughing sessions and the dancing sessions.

You can see more about the course here

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Jewells out of clay said...

Hi Aswathy
I am manju from Cochin.I was happy to see a person in Kochi appreciating my works.(terracotta Jewellery).I am conducting an exibition at Lotus Club Cochin from Augest 4th for 4 days.Do drop in if you have time .


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