Monday, July 26, 2010

Fruits and sprouts salad

We are too nutritious today!!! Oh its Salad day!!!
Salad with pome granate, green gram sprouts, red gram sprouts and apple pieces.
I am trying fruits with sprouts. I think children will like it. It is better to eat sprouts in raw form. I am grateful to the school for having such a day which made me to know more about salads. I am on my way to know more about salads. Everyday after brushing my little one will ask me 'innu enna dayyaa?' today is which day. He does not like salad day. But likes fruits day. My elder one is a great fan of raw vegetables and fruits but he will not eat any curries. When we cook cheera we have to convince them that it is the secret behind the great muscles of Popoyi, then they will start eating with great spirit.


Smitha said...

thatz a gud one. i tried the same with my toddler and she wants things separately. if i give her sproted grams mixed with onion and lemon juice, she eats.and apples dipped in mayonnaise is also welcomed with delight. But says NO to the combination of both. ha ha ha. gud work chechi :)

AswathiBabu said...

Smitha thanx to yr inspiring comments


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