Sunday, July 25, 2010

Positivity day 2

Its a great thing to have grateful for what we have

  • Karkkidaka is the month of Ramayana in Kerala. I feel happy when keeping rituals. It gives me the postitive surge to stick on it. In between all hurries I manage to read Ramayana. I have to complete it before chingam 1st. Today also I had read the Ramayana. When we read it loudly, it is believed that every living things around us will be benefitted from it. I am truly grateful for the great sages for their great work.

  • Karkkidaka is also the month of rejuvanation, according to Ayurveda. In Karkkidaka we must eat more leafy vegetables. Today one small boy came with some 'Cheera'. I am grateful for having some cheera in these rainy days. He had with him the purple coloured cheera and the green ones. I had bought the green one. He had another variety of cheera known as 'Kozhuppa'.

  • One of my close friends called me. I am always grateful for having such wonderful, supporting friends.

  • We had ordered for a bio bin for waste disposal. We can change our bio degradable waste into manure. So I am also going green!!!

  • Every positive note will be incomplete without my children. Grateful to have them because they make my moments lively and memorable.

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