Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ona Pachakam

This is not a food blog. These pictures will remind you of a a food blog. These are from my kitchen. Its the preparation for the great Onam celebration. I am not a veteran cook but I managed to do all these things with my mother in law who is a very ritualistic hailing from Thalayolaparambu. Its a most time consuming process to make all these at home. But its a real joy to take it in snack time and share with relatives, some home made items on this auspicious time. I enjoyed these preparations and sharing my happiness through this post with all my heartfelt Onam wishes for all of you.

Sharkara peratti preparations in Uruli

Ethakka upperi in Uruli

Plantains cut ready to fry

Oh so yummy!!!!

Onam in my Kitchen.

Ethakka upperi(Plantain chips) a must item in Ona sadya and a very common snack in Onam time. The smell of the chips fried in coconut oil reminds me of my onam in childhood with lot of friends and relatives. Its a pleasure to have some chips prepared in our own way. Other snacks are Cheeda(Kaliyadakka) and the tasty 'Sharkar varatti' . Some make chips with Kappa'tapiocca', chembu and chena. Its also delicious. Onam is a harvest festival that may be the reason behind all these delicacies. Days before Onam we prepare all these fries and then we have to make these pickles. Inji(Ginger), Manga(Mangoe) and Naranga(Lemon) is a must in Onam sadya.


archana said...

Hi Aswathi,
Nice to discover your blog, it was like a trip back home. I will be frequent visitor from now on. Keep posting the glimpses from your life. Thank you for tagging me too.

archana said...

Also, why dn't you start a food blog as well ?

AswathiBabu said...

Archana, thank you very much...

? said...

Came across your blog, searching for variations of Sharkkara Upperi.
Lovely post and brought back a lot of memories. We make it slightly different. It would be nice if you would post the recipe for this Sharkkara-peratti.


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