Thursday, August 19, 2010

Story of leaves

'Leaves of life' This post from Windy skies is the true reason behind this post. Its truly inspiring and a solid reminder of our ancestors who loved green more than anything in the world. In this post Anil gives a detailed description of the use of leaves in various phases of society and at the same time he opens a bundle of leaves from his childhood also. As a Keralite I am not aware of Patravalli. Its very interesting to know more about nature because its very common to all of us.
In one of my earlier post I had written about the uses of Vazhayila (banana leaf) in Kerala. Here you can see it.
Other than Vazhayila we use Lotus leaves and teak leaves. Vatta leaves are used in some temples. Colocasia (chembu) are used to wrap meat and fish. Please share yr views about the usage of leaves. We can use more leaves and save mother earth from Plastic.

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