Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Punna -A common tree from Kuttanadu

Punna tree with punnakka
Punna leaves
Scientific name-Calophyllum inophyllum
Name in Sanskrit-Punnaga
Name in English-Ball nut tree
Images of Punna maram from Aanaprambal. This tree is familiar to me through the stories of my father's ever green childhood.
The seed of punna rich with oil is very hard. Its collected, dried and given to oil mill. The oil is used to light lamps. The oil is very thick. Its 'Thavidu' remainings after the oil processings is a good pest repellant. This tree is widely seen in Kuttanadu. There will be a boat (vallam)
for every home for their daily use. The wood of the tree is used to make 'Vallam' and its also used to make the wheel(chakram) which is used to push water from one side of the paddy to the other.
My father still remembers the 'goli kali' with the seed of this tree. Children used to collect the punnakka under the tree and earned extra income through this. This oil is used as bio diesel and its also used in cosmetics.
All the details above are given my father who is an ardent lover of nature.
Its blooming denotes prosperity. Its leaves and oil are used in nervous disorders.
Some names with punna
Punnamadakkayal-Lake where the famous snake boat race take place
ezhupunna-A place near Cherthala


Sneha said...

nostalgic post

AswathiBabu said...

most of the information are from my father who is a keen observer of nature. Big thanks to yr support


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