Friday, December 3, 2010


A sour fruit from Kerala.
When I had started blogging I had written about this popular fruit with images of ripe loobikka.
Its so nostalgic to think about this red fruits. Lot of memories from School about this cute, shiny red fruit. Loobikka has another name lovlolikka, it has nothing to do with love but almost all the friendships in that time had a sourness of loobikka.
Googled for the english name of this fruit. If you know pls comment.


Anjaly Sreeraj said...

It is called Coffee plum in English. I too Googled.

SHK said...

Hey... i too googled and found its Botanical name as Flacourtia indica and it common name is Governor's Plum...hope it helps :)

SHK said...

Botanical Name : Flacourtia indica Common Name : Governor's Plum


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