Monday, February 7, 2011


Its a post that remembers my presence here. Posting some shots from the thaipooya kavadi festival from our temple. My children carrying kavadi.
Life is going on with cheers, teasing and applaudes. Some happenings will click a pause to the travel. One of the recent happenings that made me think was the tragedy happened to the innocent girl in the passenger train of Kerala. I can not blame anybody but we have to be more aware of our surroundings. Its always terrific to think that someone is following you or watching your daily travels. At night in my thoughts , screams of that girl echoes , remembering me my train journeys to Thrissur. I was bewildered the loneliness in train compartments. In that time I had changed compartments to avoid the loneliness. Cruelty has no bounds. Start everyday with sincere prayers to god to save us from criminals.

Every year its a great relief to me to participate in the kavadi festival in my home town. Its a great thing to observe our children enjoying all these festivities in the right spirit.


chitra said...

Aswathy, posting after a long time? Nice picture.
I too heard about that tragedy. In our country guilty go Scot free hence these kind of things are repeated.

chitra said...

enikku aa kochu kavadigal ishtamayi:) If I write that in Engish the right feelings will not flow.

AswathiBabu said...

Chitra thank you so much....Its a long gap....


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