Thursday, February 10, 2011

Steamed banana Trifle....

My little one is not a fan of fruits and raw vegetables. His taste buds have more inclination to spicy things. Its a great task for him to eat a fruit. Yesterday I had steamed some ripe bananas and asked him whether he need a piece. He is so curious about the dishes and he asked about this name and I said'Steamed Banana trifle'. Surprising me he asked for one piece and finished it abruptly. Then he asked me to make it for the next day snack at school, thus he can show this to his friend. Every thing had a marketing technique. Now I am surfing the net for new names for my old dishes. Our children are more exposed to the consumer world. 'Pazham puzhungiyathu' or 'Ethakka puzhungiyathu' will not impress them. We have to be more smart than our parents to manage all these:)


chitra said...

Nice ploy Aswathy.
I also love pazham puzhungiyathu

susan manoj, said...

"Steamed Banana trifle" - Superb name.

AswathiBabu said...

Chitra, thanks
susan, if you want any smart names consult me:))


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