Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little details of life

It may be a look, a touch, a smile, a mail, a message or even a call makes you vibrant. Our mind needs all these. Everyone needs attention and love. Children express it in the right moment. As adults we are trained to suppress our feelings and vent it out as frustrations. The above picture is from my friend, its taken on a vacation trip. Its details make it more perfect and more beautiful. Little acts of kindness and love make our life more beautiful and meaningful. We have to start this from our home.

In our life we may be chasing towards our goal, but we can make this chase more colourful by just watching the surroundings and happenings around us. Sometimes children will call us to see something, it may be a craft, an insect or may be a rainbow. Earlier I always scold them and warn them to don't call for such silly matters. Last week I had attended a gathering of parents arranged by the art of living group. Its the concluding session of the art excel course for young children organised by them. It was very interesting for me. In it they had told a story.

The story is about a new year event occured in a village. A family went to the new year carnival just to enjoy. Family included parents and a little child. From the beginning the child started crying without any particular reason. Father bought balloons, ball, toys and some eatables to stop his crying. After some time he became mad and scolded him a lot. Then some toys fell into the ground from the little one' s hand, the father leaned towards to take them from the ground and then only he noticed that his son can only see the legs of the crowd !! He can not see the other events occured around him because he is too small for it.

We have to think that if we are a parent like the father in this story.....

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