Friday, June 24, 2011

We are shifting

Its very sad to say good bye to my old house. The house whose walls rich with the drawings of my children, even if its not neat its a comfort zone for me. We have a study corner, there we shared our knowledge, class room wits and settled the non stop quarrels. Now I realise that this tiny little space had a large space in our minds. I think it may it miss my tot's laughs, quarrels and musings. Its very hard to say a permanent good bye to the platform who witnessed lot of happenings in my life. But I have to do it with a cute smile. Life is like this, we have to do the things which we don't like. My dear home, the last words to you is 'I love you with all my heart'. I am taking all memories attached to every nook and corner of you.

1 comment:

chitra said...

Leaving that place.... Hope you will be happy in your new abode too.


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