Sunday, February 26, 2012

Annual day at School

Its a nice thing to watch a performance in a stage without worrying about the unending works behind the curtain . That was our weekend activity. Hari and Sree's Annual day celebrations was on 26th. Hari was part of a drama based on Ramayana. It was nice he was in the war field as a soldier for Ravana. The drama consisted more than 100 children and the monkeys and the deamons are from his class. In the warfront we saw monkeys with their 'Gadas' and deamons with their swords. During this crucial war they were smiling....Anyway its nice. Sree had great dance with the song 'Adada mazhada..'. I was so thrilled to see his dance. Basically he is a child with lot of shyness.
Lot of programs with two sessions. Very well planned and executed by the school. Each and every child participated. During the program I had some memories about the last six months. We had some drama like situations in our life and by seeing my children performing their roles in the show its a victorious moment to both of us for surviving all these situations.
Share every moment with your child with great love. They are the great blessings from god. Allow them to grow in their own way, nurture them with great care and vigour.

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susan manoj, said...

Good post Aswathi....Nice to hear that Hari and Sree did well. Convey my appreciations to them.


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