Monday, February 27, 2012

Hartal thoughts....

'People don't always need advice, sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.' You can see this nice poster in Aarathi's blog. I think its very true, so I am sharing this words with you through this post.
Share some time with your friend, neighbour or with your spouse and try to be a listner. It will help you to have more strenghthy relations. Relations that based on some quantitative results will be a failure. Its very painful to have a broken relation.
During my bedtime I always think of the memorable face of this day. We saw many faces in a day. Sometimes it will be a kid smiling at me during traffic block, some times it will be an old man trying to cross the road. Anyway its a nice thing to memorise the day in the night.

One year back I am in the bus stop waiting for my bus. There was a peanut seller and my children was very fond of hot 'Kappalandi'. Here they roast the peanut in their mobile shops, Welcoming smell of frying peanuts in the sand and we can see heaps of peanuts and grean peas in front of the gas stove. So I bought two packets, here we don't get packets its 'Kumbils', they will fold the paper in a triangular shape. Its a nice packing method and its nature friendly too. I had safely placed these two kumbils in my bag. Then a girl approached me and asked for one kumbil. She may be of the same age as of my elder son, I suddenly given her one kumbil, within that time my bus came and I could not ask her name or anything. I always think that why she asked me for that, was she was suffering from hunger or may be she was a great fan of hot peanuts like my children.....

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