Monday, March 12, 2012

Alliyambal kadavil ninnum...

Pink ambal poo from the river

Kula kadavu at the temple

Poetic scenes captured from the 'kulikkadavu' of Ilankavu devi temple, Vaikom. Remembering me of the evergreen romantic song 'Alliyambal kadavilannarakku vellam annu nammalonnay thuzhanjille kothumbu vallam nammude nenjilake anuraga karikkin vellam.....

Ilankavu devi temple is very near to the famous Vaikom Mahadeva temple. Main deity is Bhadrakali. A calm temple with lot of panas and one side of the temple is a cool river. The lillies are from this river. In ancient days there was separate bathing spaces for men and women in temples and in homes. Here the temple authorities had kept the old buildings as such. My photography skills are not enough to capture the shaded images from this area.

The violet lillies caught our attention then. When we travel through Kerala we can see some sceneries like this.

Another song which can be mentioned under this picture is 'Aambal poove, aniyam poove neeyarinjo ivalente murappennu...'

It was my mother in law's wish to visit the temple. Her origins are from Thalayolaparambu. She was very curious to watch every nook and corner of the temple. She insisted that its the ritual of the temple to wash the foot before entering into the temple. Thus we entered into the 'Kadavu'. The first thoughts I had into my mind was of some famous novels in malayalam. Their descriptions about the steps, the washing sounds, the coolness and more and more.

Pink colour ambal poo was very catching. I had seen the white and the blue varieties.

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