Friday, March 9, 2012

From my home

Images right from my home. Its a great pleasure for me to water it and nurture it. At night its fragrance will fill our courtyard. Most of the flowers will go to temple. At the evening we can see a flower bed at the bottom of this plant.

I like 'mulla mottu' more than 'mulla poovu'. I think its the variety 'Kudamulla'. Its fragrance is unbeatable. This flower is an inevitable part in our culture too. Now it had got a great market. A variety of jasmine known as 'Kutti mulla' is cultivating on a large scale.

It is an all time subject to our poets. Some lyrics which I had noted

'Mulla poom pallilo mukkutti kavilino allimalar mizhiyilo njan mayangi....' Nazeer and Jayabharathi

'Kudamulla poovinum malayali penninum udukkan vella pudava...'


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