Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vishu Ashamsakal

Wishing you all a very happy vishu with your loved ones. We have lot of celebrations which we can celebrate with nature.
Vishu has always a back ground colour of yellow. The colour of konnapoo, the pattu chela of sree krishna, gold coins and above all the yellowish 'Kani vellari'. In our childhood we will celebrate the festivals in the shadow of our elders. They will arrange everything for us.
Now every festivals make me busy. Some cleaning, some purchasing and my mind planning for the feast, kani and every thing. Every kani reminds me of my mother always beautifying the kani in late night. This post is dedicated to my parents who made these celebrations so memorable and also to my late grand mother.
We have some celebrations at office also. Anyway its a smiling time for me to have these occasions. Wishing you once more a lovely day ahead.
Kani konna poo
Vishu kani

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