Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panji Maram or Elavum ka

Shots of panji maram from Idukki.  It was a nice scene to see balls of cotton hanging from panji tree.  Sree had collected some of the fruits.  He broke it and played with pure cotton.  Hari was so curious to know about the use of this cotton.  We had seen lot of panji trees. 
Panji fruit
When we travel through Idukki District we can see this scenes every where.  My husband recollected his memories associated with this tree during our long drive.  In those days this tree was their source for soft mattresses.  Mattresses were made in home itself.  First of all they will collect the dried fruit.  Open them and collect them in large vessels or 'kotta'.  They had to remove the seeds from the panji.  For that they will churn the panji with a 'kadakol' made of wood.  For all these processes we have to cover our nose and mouth because we are playing with the original cotton.  Panji tree is also called as 'Elavu'.  I think now everyone is comfortable with foam mattresses and that may be the reason for these hanging cotton balls in highrange.

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Ummer R V said...

പഞ്ഞിമരം. Nice reminder to the childhood memories. :)


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