Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last week I had read some mango memories in Tulika's blog.  These days some thoughts drawn some nice images from my childhood.  Everyone has memories related to mangoes.  Still I am recollecting the old frames with that old frocks and my cousins with lot of vigour to collect the falling mangoes.  The big mango tree in the yard was our play area.  Very close to that there was a bamboo forest.  We believed that there were snakes inside these forest.    The big mango tree with a wide slot in its wood.  We always played hide and seek game around this tree.  This play area has a back ground colour of greenish yellow that from the bamboo forest.  We played around the mango tree and ate all the mangoes that had fallen.  It was a 'Nattu mavu'  Its fruits will be very small but very tasty.  My heart is longing to see my cousins with lots of love.  We had lot of memories about the thamarind tree very near to the mango tree.  Last month one of my elder cousin had started the construction of her new home at that place and they had cut our thamarind tree.  It was a sad news for me,  the tree had seen all generations of my mother's family.  Now I thank Tulika for inspiring my lovely memories. 
Now I miss the breeze that helped to fall these ripe mangoes,  the shades of these old trees,  the dry mango leaves that make a voice when we run and  all the love and care we got from our elders in the childhood...

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