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Why we get ulcers?
The stomach is lined with cells which secrete acids and pepsins, this help the food to digest properly. During the normal time acids will play their role only in the time of food. These acid making cells are also triggered by a large vagus nerve linking brain to the stomach. When we are hungry, see or smell food, or become anxious or eager impulses are transmitted by this nerve to stimulate stomach secretions. In the absence of food, these excess digestive juices may work on the stomach or duodenum lining itself, forming a sore called peptic ulcer.

Techniques recommended by experts to lower your ulcer risk

Alcohol, smoking and various types of pan masala are strong stimulus for acid secretion.
Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee to about two or three cups a day. Black tea or coffee is harmful on an empty stomach.
Take tablets such as pain killers or paracetamol to cure an illness and not to prevent one. It may irritate your empty stomach.
Cultivate regularity in your habits-Eat at regularly spaced intervals: three or four moderately sized meals instead of one or two large meals a day.
Avoid the big three acid stimulants-hurry, worry and curry
Talk about your problems. Typically most ulcer patients are introverts(burning inside)
Do the work you enjoy.
Realize that you can not win at everything you attempt. Learn to take defeat in your stride.

Tips to less your stress

Meditation and Yoga are excellent remedies to reduce stress.
Always remember we can not change the situations, but you can change your attitude
Accept people as they are
Give them what you expect from them
Try to spend some time with your children
Always try to have a smile on your face
Take deep breaths, it will relax your body and increases the oxygen content in you.
Do not vegetate. Be positive
Eat a healthy diet include more fruits and vegetables.
Exercise regularly, walking is the ideal one. Walking in early morning soothes your mind and body. Move around always

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