Monday, March 3, 2008


Kalavandi(Bullock cart). These pictures are from my friend, taken his recent visit to Bellari. It may be the town of 'Bellari Raja' in the film Rajamanikyam.
The green colour and the oxen, I liked it. Its not an easy task to find a bullock cart in our high ways. I had not travelled in Kalavandi. After seeing 'Thenmavin Kombathu' an entertaining film by Priyadarshan I wished to travel on its back along with the rhythm of nature and with the cool breeze. In our childhood stories we can hear the bell sound of Kalavandi and the tired 'Vandikkaran'.
An interesting story about bullock cart owned by his family on Maddy's ramblings
Another type of transporting of goods was 'Unthuvandi' a cart pulled by men. These carts are now availble in markets.

Chola vayal images from Bellari

Images of Cholam from Bellari

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