Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kanikkonna flowers welcoming vishu

Kanikkonna tree images from Kunnara Park, Kochi. Traditionally this tree is known as 'Rajavrikham'.

Kanikkonna flower

Bunch of Kanikkonna
A seasonal flower which is connected with the 'Vishu' harvest festival of Kerala. Like Onam Vishu has also strong links with nature. We need Kanivellari, Kanikkonna and other vegetables for the sacred 'Kani'. Kanikkonna is the official flower of Kerala state.
My neighbour's Konna tree remembers me of Vishu with full of flowers. Yesterday we went to Kunnara park. There are so many Konna trees. Kanikkonna is the favourite flower of Krishna. Yellow colour brings more happiness and prosperity thus it became an inevitable part of our Vishu. Kanikkonna is known as Golden shower tree. It is a shade giving ornamental tree wide spread in Kerala. Its stem and fruits are used in Ayurvedic medicines. Other varieties of kanikkonna are vellakkonna, chaarakkonna and manja konna.
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