Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Njaval pazham(Black Plum Tree)

Njaval tree is known as 'Jambu' in Sanskrit. Bharatha had a name Jambu island in our puranas.

These fruits from my neighbour's home at Ernakulam which led me to the Shiva temple very near to my home. In early mornings during my visit to the temple the 'pradakhishana vazhi' will be filled with black, large and oblong njaval fruits. When we eat this fruit our mouth turns into violet. These fruits are smaller than the one in my memories. The tree in Ernakulam is so small it may be a grafted one.

Njaval tree is an ever green tree. Its fruits are called njaval pazham(jamun). The fruit is unique in its taste and colour. As the fruit ripens the purple colour turns into black. We can see njaval tree in temple premises, because it is the favourite of Krishna according to puranas. In English it is known as black plum tree, it has also the name as jamun tree. The fruit is used for making jam, squash,wine, vinegar and jelly. Bark, flowers and seeds are used in the treatment of diabetis.
We had heard a story about a monkey and a greedy crocodile. The tree in that story is Njaval tree
The famous film song' Karukaruthoru pennanu kadanjeduthoru meyyanu
kadinte omana molanu njaval pazhathinte chelanu
ellin karuppu purathanu ullinte ullu veluthanu'

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tomemmanuel said...

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Thanks for the pics and note.Can you plz post a full pic of the tree.I have planted one for my Daughter.Are you sure it is "BALCK PLUM" in english???


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