Friday, April 17, 2009


'Ethakkula' or 'nendrakkula' pictured from Kattappana.
Plantain plantations are a common sight in Kerala. Plantains are a part of culture too. Onam will not be complete without ethakka upperi, sharkara varatti and pazham. In every auspicious day we serve sadya on vazha ila(plantain leaves). Whatever may be the cost of ethapazham it is a must in our diet. Variety of tastes using raw plantain and ripe ones are available in kerala cuisine.
Most of the homes have one or two vazha for their own use. Its a ritual to offer banana fruit to temples(Kazhcha kula) for bringing abundance in our home.
Nendran or ethakka is the most common variety of banana available in Kerala.
Palayan kodan is another variety. It is much cheaper than ethakka.
Njalipoovan is the delicious one in these varieties. It is more costlier than palayan kodan. Fruits are used more than the raw ones.
Kathali is also tasty and have more medicinal usage. It is used to offering to gods in temples.
Kappa pazham is the reddish variety more costlier than the other ones.
Other varieties are kannan, padatti and karpuravalli. Kannan variety is used as a food for infants.

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