Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ezhilam Pala(Alstonia Scholaris)

Ezhilam pala is a common tree in Kerala. It filled our yakshi stories with its great fragrance. It became a common element to our poets. I am also curious to take some images of this plant and its amazing flowers. In my memory these flowers were formed like a carpet in front of the 'Sarpa kavu' of the temple. Its smell with the smell of turmeric and salt made a great mix. There were some manjadi seeds behind the sarpa kavu to add a different hue to the picture. Dedicating these pictures to the innocent childhood that passed by.....
Scientific Name:Alstonia Scholaris
Sanskrit name:Saptha parna (Leaves 5-7 in a whirl), Saptacchada, sharada, Vishama chada
Malayalam:Yakshippala,Daiva pala,ezhilam pala,pala
English:Indian Devil tree
The flowers of this tree will fell down from the tree within hours. The wood of the tree is used to make slates in some countries. The flowering months are November -October.

Flower of Pala tree from Vyttila. These trees are from the compound of Shiva subrahmanya temple, vyttila. These small white flowers filled the area with great smell.
Its very interensting to know more about the flowers with this peculiar smell. More detailed description of its name in Sanskrit from this site. These flowers had their roles in Kalidasa kavyas.
Some malayalam film song which mentioned 'palapoo'
'Ezhilam pala poothu Poomarangal kuda pidichu Velli malayil Veli malayil '
In the film 'Njan gandharvan' directed by padmarajan Pala comes into a song, heroine ask the tree about her thali because hero is a gandharvan.
'Palapoove enthiru mangallya thali tharoo makara nilave neeyen neehara kodi tharu
Kanathe vinnithalay marayum manmathanennullil kudiyeriya chandrotsavamay'
'Palapoovithalil vennilapuzhayil' from 'Thirakkatha'


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