Monday, October 11, 2010


Cheera, I had done some earlier posts about it. As a house wife I am more concerned about the health of my family members, as a nature lover I am keenly observing the wonders of nature and as a blogger I am curious to find new interesting topics to discuss. So I am repeating the cheera post:)
Yesterday I had purchased some cheera stalks from a vendor. Here almost all cheera vendors are ladies I don't know the correct reason behind that. We can have cheera from the vegetable shops but I opt for the lady vendors because it will be fresh from the field. Whenever I purchase cheera, there will be a confusion of colour purple or Green. I had learnt from net that green is always better than others but mostly I opt purple because I need to add more colour to my life and my children love the purple colour:))
From my fellow bloggers I had learnt that the purple cheera is available only in Kerala. Then we have to be proud of our ethnic colourful leafy vegetable. I had done a post about my relatives cheera krishi.
Cheera is rich with Iron and its good for our eyes too.
I am trying to get the images of varieties of Cheera.
Our nadan dishes with cheera are cheera thoran, cheera aviyal and cheera kichadi.
I had listed various varieties of cheera available in Kerala in this post.
Variety of dishes from a veteran blog Mahanadi

If you are searching about the nutrition content of our traditional dishes Pls have a look at this link

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